Mathieu or Maurice Blot? Wednesday, Sep 20 2006 

A short postscriptum to our last post: we referred to the French engraver of the print after van Mieris as “Mathieu Blot“, as the inscription in the lower right corner of the engraving suggests:

Mathieu Blot

Now, in the literature we can’t find an engraver named Mathieu Blot, he is always referred to as Maurice Blot.


As time goes by Monday, Sep 18 2006 

A boy blowing bubbles - Mathieu Blot after Frans van MierisAt first sight, this lovely, rather small (18 x 23.5 cm) engraving just depicts a Genre scene of a boy blowing soap bubbles, with his mother standing smiling behind him. Let us explore why there may be something else luring behind than just a scene from an untroubled childhood.


Google Book Search: A treasure trove for the print connaisseur Friday, Sep 15 2006 

Title page of Watelet - Dictionnaire des arts de peinture, sculpture et gravure (1792)You always would have loved to own a copy of Le peintre graveur (1818) by Adam Bartsch or the Dictionnaire des arts de peinture, sculpture et gravure by Claude-Henri Watelet (1792)? What about a PDF version of Notices of engravers and their works, the commencement of a dictionary which it is not intended to continue (what a lovely title!) by William Young Ottley (1831)? Now you can download scanned versions of these treasures for free, thanks to the Google Book Search project.