Title page of Watelet - Dictionnaire des arts de peinture, sculpture et gravure (1792)You always would have loved to own a copy of Le peintre graveur (1818) by Adam Bartsch or the Dictionnaire des arts de peinture, sculpture et gravure by Claude-Henri Watelet (1792)? What about a PDF version of Notices of engravers and their works, the commencement of a dictionary which it is not intended to continue (what a lovely title!) by William Young Ottley (1831)? Now you can download scanned versions of these treasures for free, thanks to the Google Book Search project.
Google Book Search is a treasure trove for finding scanned versions of historical, important and otherwise not easily viewable standard books on engravings, etchings and the artists. It allows you to search for any keywords (author, title etc.) in the digital repository of scanned books. If the book is in the public domain and thus not under copyright anymore, you can download a PDF version to your local disk for free. Don’t forget to tick the “Full view option” when entering the keywords. Here are some links to books i have found so far, you will find many more: